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Wooden roller blinds

Natural materials have their special place in the history of roller blinds. The first wooden blinds were installed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Lots of these first wooden roller blinds still work until this day, even though the technology of wood treatment was nowhere near as advanced as it is today. Wooden roller blinds were used as a window covering for modern structures - be it office buildings or family homes.

That is because the natural materials have unique functional properties. They protect against overheating of the interior in the summer and they prevent heat loss in the winter. The natural material looks aesthetically pleasing within the façade of the building, its thermoregulating properties insure high level of comfort and its functional characteristics help protect your property.

The wooden roller blinds are made out of Nordic pine, that has high level of consistency and long life span when used in the exterior. A special coating with protective layers including a UV filter ensures colour stability.

Complete maintenance services for wooden roller blinds

Maintenance of wooden roller blinds, even the oldest kind /Esselinger, Esling/, installed at the beginning of 20th century. Most common roller blind fixes:

  • Renewal of the belt
  • Renewal of the winding mechanism
  • Renewal of the guiding rails

With older roller blinds we offer general maintenance that includes taking the blind apart, renewing the connection elements and screws, and sanding and varnishing of the blinds. We can also redo your existing wooden roller blinds to be controlled by a handset, or exchange your window while preserving the original blinds.

Complete maintenance services for wooden roller blinds

We all like good and functional things, naturally. We have passion for what we do. Wood became an integral part of our lives. We love to work with people and we love to see our clients happy.

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