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Maintenance services for wooden roller blinds

Esslinger blinds Esling blinds Eslingen blinds

Maintenance of wooden roller blinds, even the oldest kind /Esselinger, Esling, Eslingen/, installed at the beginning of 20th century.

Most common roller blind fixes:

  • Renewal of the belt
  • Renewal of the winding mechanism
  • Renewal of the guiding rails

With older roller blinds we offer general maintenance that includes taking the blind apart, renewing the connection elements and screws, and sanding and varnishing of the blinds. We can also redo your existing wooden roller blinds to be controlled by a handset, or exchange your window while preserving the original blinds.

The detail of building a box casing for a wooden roller blind above or in front of the window. The size of the casing shall be determined according to the size of the wooden roller blind. Box casing material: Aluminium. We can provide a casing with thermal insulation, or integrate the thermal insulation of the casing within the building. The guiding rail can be incorporated within the wall around the window and the colour of the rails can be adjusted using Renolit.

Slat 47/14 mm
Axle 60 mm

Slat 34/12 mm
Axle 60 mm
Hight of the blind Diameter of the roll Hight of the blind Diameter of the roll
260cm 25cm 225cm 24cm
220cm 24cm 200cm 22,5cm
200cm 23cm 180cm 19,5cm
180cm 21cm 160cm 18,5cm
130cm 20cm 140cm 18cm
100cm 16cm 125cm 17cm

We all like good and functional things, naturally. We have passion for what we do. Wood became an integral part of our lives. We love to work with people and we love to see our clients happy.

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