Wooden horizontal blinds

Wooden horizontal blinds are a great product on the window covering market. Historically, they go back to the 18th century. Apart from the basic functions of interior blinds, the wooden slats are rare and bring with them the sense of nature and comfort. The play of light and shadow bring originality, elegance and a unique atmosphere to your interior space.

The horizontal blinds are made of lime wood or tramin. Just as wood constitutes the basics of interior design, a wooden blind is, besides its functionality, a dominant element of the interior.

25mm drevené žalúzie baswood  25mm drevené žalúzie baswood 50mm drevené žalúzie baswood

We all like good and functional things, naturally. We have passion for what we do. Wood became an integral part of our lives. We love to work with people and we love to see our clients happy.

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